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The Group

Our goal, to become the first choice production company, stems from our passion to deliver the absolute best in production and design for each and every event we do. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our dedication to exceeding your expectations.

We also believe we need to offer our clients a complete solution for their technical requirements tailored from start to finish. With the creation of The SOLID Group, we can now dedicate specialists to execute each aspect of this process to ensure every level of your technical requirements receives the attention needed.

The success of a technical service not only lies with the execution of creative ideas which the client brings to the table, but also with the creation of custom ideas which we offer to our clients. The Industry is currently filled with production companies who are content with recycling old ideas and merely fulfilling the terms of their contracts. We have broken this mould and are redefining the standard of technical excellence.

We are identified with production excellence, professionalism and exemplary customer service, because we understand that our clients expect nothing less. By building an intimate working relationship with all of our clients we deliver the optimum solution for their needs.


Alex Van Dyk


Andrew Pettit

Design & Technical Manager

Dylan Edwards

Project Manager