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This being the largest part of our business, we pride ourselves by owning state of the art equipment. We also employ exceptional staff who are masters in their own right. From well trained and experienced setup and break down crews, who work fast and efficiently, to operators that not only have an incredible passion for making your show run smoothly, but also commit themselves to staging the highest production standards possible.

We provide sound that is crystal clear and is consistent from the front row all the way to the last seat in the back corner. From the smallest event to massive scaled concerts, we are equally committed to ensuring each person has an optimal listening experience.

Your visual sensory perception has the largest contribution to how you experience the production at any show. Naturally, we know how important it is that the lighting and video for every show needs to be well planned and executed perfectly. We create magical experiences by combining various lighting fixture types.

By using our LED screens and projection mapping capabilities, there is no limitation to the creative concepts we can provide. Also, being able to assist with the content creation for your show, this contributes even more to a complete and wholistic service offering when it comes to the look and feel of your show.

We treat all our events with the same passion and dedication, regardless of the size of the event.